Monday, 11 January 2016

Meet us

1. There's me, my husband and one daughter in our household.  My husband thinks that this is more than enough.  I would like to add a few more little people to this.  It's a work in progress.

2. None of us are dopey.  Our daughter is Dopey.  Nicknamed as such for reasons we can't remember now, but it has stuck.  It will probably be a nickname she asks us to stop using at some point...

3. My husband is know affectionately as 'Buda'.  He is Nepali and Buda is Nepali for husband.  Creative pet name, no?

4. I'm a social worker, Buda is a chef and Dopey is just wonderful.

5. Dopey is now the prism through which I see life.  I see every world event, disaster and celebration as it relates to her.  Everything that ever happens, happens to someone else's Dope.  This makes my heart swell and ache in equal measures.

6. I'm naturally pre-disposed to being glum and defeatist about myself and my life.  This is unnecessary, unhelpful and ungracious.  I'm working on this.

7. I am as positive and hopeful about others as I am negative about myself.

8. I care passionately about humans and their well being.  I actively support and promote many causes.  I have little patience for individuals, particularly those who are intolerant.  I'm aware of the contradiction in this and I'm working on this, too.

9. Until I crack the above, if you believe the Daily Mail, the Express or the Sun spread truth and sense, we probably won't get on.

10. Becoming a mum has transformed me completely.  It has unlocked opinions, thoughts, feelings, fears and emotions that I never realised I had.  It has simultaneously expanded and contracted my world.  I've discovered resources I never knew I had and lost capacities I never thought it possible to lose (keeping track of what month and year we are in.  Seriously disorientated).  I feel I am both emerging and disappearing all at the same time.  I spend a lot of time trying to work all of this stuff out.  The only thing I am sure of that I am Dopey's Mama.  And I wouldn't want to be anyone else.